Friday, November 26, 2010

aaand because shipping is quite expensive!!

DO come along! And share the details with all of your lovely friends! It'll be a wonderful day, and believe me...I have a lot of stuff. Lots of new frames still in their packets, gorgeous vintage bottles, thousands (literally) of, beauty and bridal, hundreds of cd's (thank you ipod!), a rather brilliant beach umbrella, loads of beautiful vandoros ribbon and SO much more! I'll keep you updated as the list grows! Do visit, and make yourself known!
Spread the details my lovely readers, I have no storage!


  1. Oh my gosh Nicola, I didn't know you were moving O/S.

    I must say for someone i have never met - seeing as you stood me up:), i cant believe how sad I am to hear this. I do wish you all the best on this wonderful new chapter of your life, for you and your fiancee, but we will miss you, and your beautiful business Ruby & Joy and heartwarming blog.


  2. Oh Kim, I'll miss you too! Never fear...the blog is continuing! We'll keep in touch, I'm sure of it!
    Thank you so much for your lovely words, they mean the world x

  3. Please take more than that to Scotland, or you will freeze to death

  4. Oh boo. I really wish I lived in Sydney now!!! I'd be there in a second!

  5. Hey Nicki, do you have vintage/antique style frame that fits a pic 8x10?? so hard to find!!!!

  6. How exciting Nicky!! Good luck with your garage sale and with moving overseas. I hope they can offer you a better birthday cake than a tub of ice cream turned out upside down (that was you that told me that story, right???), hehehe.

  7. I too will miss you and your inspiration. Please please post a wedding pic of you and your bouquet on the blog, we all want to share. All the very best to you and your fiancee in your new life in Loch Lomond!!
    Di xx

  8. LOVE a good garage sale....and yours looks to be I'm planning a trip to the old stomping ground, bright and early saturday. xx


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