Sunday, September 8, 2013

it's not that far away...

But do not despair! I am not here to bring you tidings of great joy 3 months too early! Simply to tell you of an exciting project that is coming together and will be featured in the lead up to Christmas.

I have been challenged recently to begin buying more handmade items, and began to think why I tend not to. I think at this point, it's mainly that I'm not sure where to get handmade from! And so, to quote a good friend of mine (Oprah), I had an Aha! moment (although not an epiphany of any great meaning, still exciting all the same)! I know quite a few lovely folk who make things, and they know quite a few lovely folk who make things too. So in the month before Christmas, I'll be featuring all and sundry that I can find that make gorgeous things for your loves at Christmas time. And I'm extending the challenge to you too.

So if you know anyone that makes gorgeous goodies please do let me know, and let's spread the word!

And a very happy weekend to you!

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