Tuesday, September 17, 2013

autumn is here...

...and while I would like to automatically look like one of these lovely ladies in their skinny's and sweaters, it ain't happening. The reasons, I feel, are twofold. 

One - I am not skinny, ergo, skinny's do not have quite the same erm...silhouette. 
Two - I am still unaccustomed to dressing for the cold. 
Not the nice 'ooh there's a chill in the air, let's bake pies!' cold of Sydney, but the arctic breeze and frosted-solid-car-windscreens of Scotland.

I will either look nice and freeze, or look like the Michelin man and be cosy. 

On Friday husbando is whisking me off to Paris for a long weekend (oui!), and I feel the Autumnal fashion stakes will rise. But if there's anything my pinterest board has taught me over the past 30 minutes, it's this. Braid your hair in a messy fashion, and you will look fabulous!


pics via (from top) acupofjo, richesforrags, refinedstyle, prettypeachpeonies


  1. Your blog makes me happy:) i loooove autumn... trade you a little Spring for a little autumn?

  2. Oh thank you lovely! Your blog makes ME happy! And that is a deal my friend! x


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