Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hello there! I do hope you're well!

Whilst in Australia on our holidays, I managed to swing by Sportsgirl (their magic bronzer moisturiser I do sorely miss)! And whilst (new favourite word - whilst) there, managed to stumble upon a sale! HUZZAH! Lucky for me, I got my mitts on a copy of Beci Orpin's book, Find & Keep. It was actually intended for a gift, but ended up being a gift for moi. I do highly recommend it, it's colourful, cheery, inspiring and best of all, looks lovely on my side board. I don't really have a side board, but I have no idea what to call the furniture that's sort of in the middle of my living room, behind the couch. Anyone? 

If you're already a Beci (first name - pretending we're pals) fan, high five! If not, below, you will find her wall hanging for Urban Outfitters, and a delightful picture from the book of giant spots being stuck to the wall. GENIUS!

Today, I challenge thee! Not to a duel - although t'would be a medieval delight (?). But to add more colour to your wee hoose, wherever that may be! Consider this my coloured gauntlet glove - THROWN DOWN!


  1. Really like the big dots! might try that in our hall. x

  2. I am definitely going to introduce some colour in the new upstairs. Are you available for some consulting?

  3. Ooh @Ebba you should - it'd look gorgeous!
    @Jen Why yes indeedy, I'm always available for consulting! x


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