Wednesday, April 3, 2013

harrogate, dahling...

I am of on an adventure, my friends, and I'm going to Harrogate! My lovely cousin and I are heading to the British Craft Trade Fair (as she is exhibiting), and so we have packed our bags and are heading off for a few nights in Yorkshire. And my wordy, it seems we'll be having the most sophisticated of times!

This is what my (very basic) research tells me;
     * The gardens are lovely
     * Betty's Tea Rooms are world wide famous, and one MUST pop in if one is to experience Harrogate's finest
     * There is an exceptional florist that has a lovely window/street display (thank you google maps)
     * And if one should ever feel the need to grow a giant cabbage and/or onion, Harrogate is the place to display it

I feel as though cricket, Pimms, and the words 'jolly good chap' may have been in high rotation at some point in this beautiful town, and I'm excited to see what we discover! Apart from when we're busy working, of course!

Have you got a long weekend booked away anywhere soon? Have you ever been to a British spa town? Have you ever wondered why there are so many vegetables in Pimms? 


Check out Ebba Goring's exceptionally beautiful work here.

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