Monday, April 1, 2013

beautiful blooms...

Everyone let out a big sad sigh with me...*SIGH*. Thank you kindly. Sometimes I MISS flowers! Well, I miss them more than sometimes. But never fear my lovelies, because Pinterest keeps me sane. Three cheers for Pinterest! Hip hooray! In a season that feels like Spring will never arrive (it is still snowing here!), my eyes are happy chappies when I go for a (metaphoric) wander through my flower pins.

I hope you get to feast your eyes on something especially lovely today. Two weeks today I'll be of to feast my eyes on my homeland...three cheers for Australia!! Hip hooray!


top left -, top right -, bottom left - Sarah Winward flowers, bottom right - via Pinterest


  1. Oh love the top left! I understand why you miss working with flowers. You did my wedding a couple of years back in Sydney and they were perfect. I actually went on to study floristry and am now looking for a junior role. Fingers crossed.

  2. hello lovely! yes i remember! it was such a gorgeous wedding - and always so lovely to hear the flowers were loved! that's SUCH great news, i have no doubt you'll find a job and be an exceptional florist. such lovely times ahead - all the best! x


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