Tuesday, February 26, 2013

springtime madness...

There has been something exciting happening recently in Scotland! You might not guess it (and I couldn't assume that you would), however, it's true.
Drumroll please!
There has been sunshine for the past two consecutive days. SUNSHINE!

Today, I went crazy and sat outside for lunch! To be fair - technically I was inside. But sitting in the doorway out onto our balcony made me giddy with Vitamin D! Not only do I feel Spring in the air, I can see it beneath my toes, as these gorgeous snowdrops are sprouting up in every nook and cranny. And to add to all of this overwhelming excitement (yes, overwhelming), my tulips are growing! Specially and most importantly selected from amongst the masses in Amsterdam last August, they are actually growing! Being a florist does not make you an expert at gardening (oh-my-wordy-no), and having been sealed beneath frozen soil for about 3 months, I had my suspicions they had chucked in the towel, or whatever bulbs do when fed up. I was inside and I was chucking every towel I own, it has been COLD.

But now...the grass is turning greener, the sky is turning visible, and soon the daffodils will be lining the streets. Am I giddy with Spring time madness? YES! Fling open your windows* and join me!

*Perhaps don't fling open your windows just yet, best wait till we're reaching highs over 4 degrees x

image credit - taken by moi in some woods nearby


  1. Woo hoo, life awakening from beneath the soil! One of my indoor plants is thriving- it's so resilient and independent. Makes me happy. My other indoor plant is my problem child- I keep trying different approaches to meet its needs and help it find a position and quantity of water which will enable it to reach its full potential, but... well I'm hoping the spots on its leaves are some kind of pubescent acne to be followed by the bloom of hearty adulthood...

  2. haha...I LOVED this! I have some plants that just look so sickly, I can't figure it out. I think negligence is the answer...


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