Friday, February 22, 2013

breaking news...

Oh hello there! And how are you my lovelies? It has been just over a year, so I imagine loads of spectacular things have happened in your life, yes? In one sentence I will sum up how 2012 has been for me.
Easy! Nah...2012 had its ups and downs during which I was taught many a wise piece of er, wisdom, and now we are looking forward with bright eyes and bushly tails (much like a possum, you see) to the wonder that is 2013! A trip back to the land of sunshine and sandy beaches is planned, we have finally settled in a lovely wee flat overlooking the river, and most importantly of all, rubyandjoy is back! Hooray, you might say! And indeed I do.
We are still in the very early stages. You know, at dawn, when the light is just starting to crack through the darkness and there are teensy rays of sunshine poking and prodding until they race up to the sky. Quite a lovely image I painted there! So please do be patient as we figure out what works, and keep your eye on our lovely etsy store for more deee - lightful products being listed AS WE SPEAK*.
*Not really. But as quickly as my hands can sew and take a few wee snaps, they'll be there!
Come over and say hello on our facebook page here, join us in the twittering masses here and swing by for a browse at our sweet creations on etsy here. We'd love to say hi, so don't be shy (good rhyme)! 



  1. Yippee! I have my eye on the green elephant and the whale

  2. there you are!! i have wondered....
    welcome back and best wishes for an exciting year ahead! xo

  3. OH my goodness..*insert blog catchup stalking* COCO!! Is GORGEOUS! Which I'm sure is no massive surprise to you :)Hooray for being back in blog world with you! x

  4. Kimmmoi...I think they have their eyes on you ;) x

  5. hehe, she sure is. :)
    and she has a little sister!!
    frankie is 11 weeks old and just as gorgeous.
    and she's my excuse for not blogging.
    (which is very bad of me, because it's not actually her fault at all).
    :) xo

  6. oh WOW!!! coolest names ever! congratulations! oh i'm so happy for you! and i think she'll understand.. x


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