Friday, September 9, 2011

i feel some baking coming on...

So I know that people were excited about macarons quite some time ago now. The delightful flavours, the crispy shell with the delicious soft inside, the gorgeous colours. I even remember blogging about those lovely little pastel delights myself! However! During my weekly viewing of The Great British Bake Off (oh yes, my life is but a whirlwind of home cooking shows!), a guilty pleasure which came about because I refuse to watch '16 and Pregnant' and there isn't much else on on a Wednesday night, I was inspired! I want to give those tasty little morsels a try! There seems to be much involved, banging trays and waiting about, but my wordy, when those beautiful teensy biscuits are squished together with something delicious (lets say chocolate), I will be very excited! I have been warned, I may fail. But my biggest question is, with most recipes creating 120 (that's quite a few), who wants a macaron?


pic via weheartit


  1. i do!! so, have you tried to bake some? i wouldn't waste my time - baking is NOT my strong point. :)

  2. yes indeedy! and HUGE success! and a HUGE tummy full of sugary goodness :) i would post you some, but unfortunately i ate them all..hehe! xx


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