Monday, June 29, 2009

Headpieces, Jimmy Tsang, and an amazing Vinnies dress...

I've been exclaiming to anyone that will listen of late that one of my plans when I walk down the aisle is to wear a tulle headpiece. This often brings looks of confusion and concern, compacted by my trying to explain with sweeping arm movements, an excited look in my eye and a resolution to make them understand. Said folk often wander off, wondering why we were having a conversation about tulle headpieces in the first place, and how ON EARTH that could in any way look half decent. I'm left alone, wondering if my tulle hat fantasy is really THAT odd. If it is THAT far fetched. Well friends, I have news! No wait! PICTURES!!

Jimmy Tsang. Very talented photographer, lives at the very forefront of bridal fashion. Amazing photos, and...what's this? A tulle headpiece!

ps This dress was $50 from Vinnies. Not bad eh?

Jimmy's email -
The reason Jimmy and I are friends? The tulle headpiece.


  1. these are gorgeous pictures and I heartly support you and your tulle headpiece dream. Why can't I ever find pieces like this??

  2. i still cant believe thats a vinnies dress...
    i may or not have been looking at wedding dresses in vinnies once... but if i buy one it wouldnt be nearly as cool would it? and i'd get teased... its not fair!

  3. Thanks Slimmy! I need all the support I can get to introduce tulle headpiece's to the world. So misunderstood! And I believe this one was handmade. A visit to Spotlight may be in order...

  4. Oh and would be just as cool, if not cooler. AND I would be able to do what we in the biz call a 'follow up piece', maybe even with pictures! Tops.

  5. What is this Vinnies? I love that dress!

  6. Hey Nicola, I just happened to find this post.
    Are you going to go for your Tulle look?

    More about this dress, it is a size 14 dress and the model is only size 8. Well, we used quite a few bull clips at the back.

    My wife bought this dress at St. Vincents second hand shop for $50 bucks and yes, she has good eyes :)



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