Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Monday! And how good is stewed apple...

Happy Monday indeed. I've been in love with this photo for months and months now, and finally have a legit way of showing it off. Not that I took it. HEAVENS no. Christian Wright did. Clever boy. More to come from him. But for awesome is this photo!? The colours, the saturation, the colours...

If you'd like to say hi to Christian, pat him on the back, make him a cup of tea, send me an email for his details. He's remarkably footloose and fancy free, is our Christian.


  1. I'd like a more in depth comment about stewed apple please.

  2. How good is...stewed apple for brekky when it's been warmed up, or warm with cinnamon and raisins for dessert...or as an instant apple turnover or pie with fresh whipped cream! SO many options! Strange though...I don't like uncooked apples. It's all in the stewing...


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