Wednesday, July 17, 2013

gorgeous freya...

Hello there my bloggy friend! I wanted to share with you the loveliness that is Freya Art & Design. Now, I am fully aware that you may be sitting there, already aware of the sweet designs and gorgeous colours that had me leaving one boutique with handfuls of cards, but I wanted to make sure you knew! Seriously, try walking into a shop filled with these designs without buying them ALL. 

I can always convince myself to buy cards. It seems there is never a nice one around when you need it, so when I stumble across a card I really love, I snap it up. Inevitably our card box (yes, we have a card box) never has the right occasion of card in it, so I need to find one elsewhere anyway - but NEVER AGAIN! Being an Etsy seller myself (*cough cough*), I have resolved to buy more from talented folks hand-making their lovely goods. 

Really, what I'm saying is, you can buy Freya cards and save the world at the same time! GENIUS! Try it. You'll get happy shopping endorphin's that are twice as good as normal!

images from Freya Art & Design

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