Tuesday, January 10, 2012

it's too early...

HOWEVER! I, myself, like any female (huge generalisation coming up but stick with me) LOVE Valentines day! And even though I have not shared my New Years Resolutions (in capitals, yes indeed) with you yet, I would quite like to share this lovely little album from the delightful Kikki K range. Lurvely. I'm still dreaming of the day I get flowers on Valentines, and with a husband I think my chances have gone up somewhat (let's not get too cocky though), but how sweet would it be to receive this album filled with some favourite memories!? Answer? Very. And now, since you asked, I shall share my New Years Resolutions (in capitals)...

* Lose weight (ha! you say, but this year I'm like, serious).
* Read the Bible in a year...so far I've already a little catching up to do, but never say never!
* Be more organised, relax more, freak out less. It's a new one, but what with a few stressful situations last year (almost all the biggies, really), I feel this year, at least the first few months, I will allow to be calm. And to be more calm, I shall be more organised. I give this one 2 weeks.
*Write more letters. I live far away from home, and there's nothing better than seeing Mr Postman toodle down our driveway...especially when it's a parcel!

I think that's it. Apart from the secret ones. Which are really the most interesting ones aren't they?! Nothing like a good bit of suspense...
I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas and a lovely New Years, and are wriggling in your seat* with excitement in regards to what 2012 might bring!

*Figuratively speaking...
Album available from all Kikki K store, image from Kikki K

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