Thursday, December 22, 2011

a wee bit 'o inspiration...

Although Jamie has been the perfect chef to steal recipes from for my Christmas Eve dinner feast (excitement levels are high!), nothing beats Donna (totally on a first name basis) for the styling. And seeing as how I have zilcho cloth-ery nor napkin-ery, I shall have to be creative! Which is lucky for me, as working in a flower shop I have access to loads of lovely big Blue Spruce branches (garlands), shiny berried holly (spread about the place in clusters of little glasses), a beautiful deep red Poinsettia sitting merrily on my kitchen table, and a teensy bunch of lovely mistletoe! Delightful! And as I work in a little crafty store as well, I have access to metres of lovely thick calico (tablecloth!), which will be covered with lots of brightly burning candles and a Christmas feast to delight the peepers and the tummy...brilliant!

The turkey has been ordered (I have my turkey reference number (!) in a safe place), the cranberry sauce recipe found, the big red bow tied onto the wreath, and the Christmas cake rested and tested (yummo!). Tonight we're of to the Christmas markets in Edinburgh to sample the delectable Christmas delights on offer, and try our tootsies with some skating. Then there's some more rocky road to be made, some fingers to be crossed for some snow fall (unlikely), and some final presents to be wrapped.

And I do believe tonight...there shall be mulled wine x

images via Donna Hay

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