Thursday, February 17, 2011

Until we meet again...

So it's down to three sleeps now till we jet off at Mr and Mrs to the bonny moors of Scotland! There has been so much going on (packing up one's life in two weeks...not recommended), but I must say I'm excited to be off on this grand adventure! Once we settle in and stock the cupboards with tea and haggis* I'll be back chomping at the blogging bit (in a lady like fashion) and writing of all the weird and wonderful ways of life on the continent (I write that as I wonder if that's correct. They may not let me into the country...). Keep in touch, I may be lonely (new boots and a coat have been promised me as way of lessening the blues), but I shall be with the one I love. Which just between us is more excellent than chocolate for breakfast!
The next time I post I'll be blogging from our new little apartment. Most likely sitting on a hotwater bottle and encased in 15 blankets, it'll be a new and wonderful and scary and exciting adventure! And so until then my love's, enjoy the sunshine, perhaps send me a sun lamp so I don't shrivel up (I'm pretty sure that happens), and enjoy today!

'Grow old with me, the best is yet to be..!' - Robert Browning

Much love xxx

*That's a joke. I've promised never to ever cook haggis. Apparently there's an out there though, because you can get it in a tin. Lovely.
ps AND! Having had my head in the sand for the past 6 months, I've just discovered typo! Perhaps they'll bring it to the UK, yes? Check it out. It's excellent.

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