Tuesday, January 18, 2011

4 sleeps!

So the name tags are being printed, the dress is hanging up ready to go, the kilt has been dry cleaned, the Scottish contingent arrived, the fruit cake baked and the manicure's booked. Four sleeps to go and being excited may be the understatement of the year! Honeymoon is a surprise for me (fingers crossed for somewhere sunny!), and I've started packing!
Someone said to me that if we're married at the end of the day it will have been a success, and I couldn't agree more. If the flowers droop the florist in me might die a little bit*, but more than anything I just want to marry my boy.
Love is all you need eh?
So this may be my last post for a while, we're away until the 4th Feb, then we leave for Scotland on the 20th Feb. It's going to be a bit of a crazy time and I do hope I'll be able to post, but for now I'm just speechlessly** excited about getting married on Saturday to the love of my life!!
Thank you for all of your lovely lovely comments...it'll be almost like you're there!
Much love xx
* drama queen
** that's not really true, but you know what I mean...
image via jonas peterson


  1. Enjoy! 'See you' when you get back.

  2. Good luck in Scotland! Dress warmly! :) Love the picture by the way, will miss reading your blog! :D



  3. eeek! So close!!! I'll be thinking of you on Saturday. xoxo

  4. have a truly wonderful time. Cannot wait to hear about it all,


  5. i love love.
    enjoy your wedding day.
    :) xoxo

  6. Nicola have been thinking of you all weekend! Hope it was everything you dreamt of!

  7. Lurking away and waiting to see a photo : )


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