Sunday, December 5, 2010

oh how I love Christmas!!!

Yesterday, Dad and I hiked through grassy fields that were covered in mud (note to self, when it has been raining and mud is a possibility, do not wear your havaianas. Something more sturdy would suit...) to chop down our carefully selected glossy and bushy Christmas tree! He's perfect, I've named him Harold. We listened to carols and ate spice cookies as we put the tree up! Oh how I LOVE Christmas time! And the best part is we get to send out cards like THESE from the gorgeous Little Paper Pantry! Head on over to their website or facebook page to order some of these tasty're friends and family will love them! Is it bad if I order some just to keep for myself? No? Excellent.


  1. I love that you named the Christmas tree (and so much less stressful than naming something that's going to be eaten!), and those seafoam and red cards are just gorgeous - one of my favourite colour combinations...


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